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Tertön (Tibetan: གཏེར་སྟོན་) is a term within Tibetan Buddhism. It means a person who is a discoverer of ancient hidden teachings, texts or terma. Many tertöns are considered to be incarnations of the twentyfive main disciples of Padmasambhava. Scriptures were updated by terma discoveries, and terma teachings have guided many Buddhist and Bon practitioners.

Consorts, with whom they practice sexual yoga or karmamudra to accelerate and enhance their capacity for realization, are thought to be very important to tertöns. One of the special requirements for the discovery of termas is the inspiration of the feminine principle, just as it was necessary for their concealment. 

The great majority of tertöns have been men, and generally they are accompanied by their wives or female companions (who need not necessarily have a sexual relationship with them). Alternatively, something representing the tertön's complementary energy, whether male or female, must be present. Very realized female practitioners bring forth terma too, sometimes with an living male consort and sometimes alone. 

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